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We have researched every possible male enhancement product and method known to mankind. We used to list over 50 products on this page but after years of reviewing brands and getting customer feedback on them we decided not to bother confusing people. Why list products that are sub par? The bottom line is this; If a product is not listed on this site in the top 5 spots then we did not feel that it met our criteria of being a quality product.

Our main criteria for selecting the best male enhancement products is based on these 4 factors:
Consumer Rating, Overall Value, Guarantee.
However we also take into account the reputation of the company who makes the product, the Popularity, Reorder Rates, and Product Safety including all possible side effects. We searched the Internet and found the products presented here to have the best over customer satisfaction based on what we read with respect to customer reviews and comments across the web.
You can now make an informed decision after reviewing all of the information presented on this site and buy the product that suits you the best. The programs and products that we list that are backed by a 100% guarantee from the supplier.

If we have missed a product on our list then please feel free to let us know by emailing us. If you feel that a specific product should be ranked higher than where we have placed it then tell us your story and we can kindly review the product again.

We recommend purchasing a 3 or 6 month supply at the minimum of any one of the male enhancement products that you choose so that you can fully take advantage of the 6 month money back guarantees. This way your purchase is covered and you can give the product ample time to see if you can get the desired results.

Male Enhancement Pills

The top brands of male enhancement pills are EnhanceRx, VigRxPlus, ActiGain, ZyGain, and ProSolution Plus.. There are many more other brands available on the market but they can’t compete with the effectiveness of these top brands.  More importantly each of these brands have been online and backed by real companies for no less than 10 years. We have been reviewing these products for 20 (since March of 2003) years so we know a thing or two about this industry. Every single other brand that you can find on those other review sites have a lifespan of about 6 months to a year. Please read the reviews for the various male enhancement pill products here.

#1 Rated EnhanceRx™ Pills

Manufactured & Distributed by:
An American Company – All Products are Made In The USA!
Prices start at $57.00 – $317.00
Save up to 50%. As Low as $23.91 per month.
Listed as the best product on over 40 different review sites for the last 5 years. EnhanceRx™ is an excellent choice for men looking to enhance their sex life and the price can’t be beat. Click on the Learn More button to read our full EnhanceRx™ product review.

Penis Enhancement Extenders

All penis extenders do pretty much the same thing; extend the penis. It is a fair assessment to say that by simply being an actual physical device they can all be considered equal with respect to results achieved by the users. However some extenders like the extender used in the EnhanceRx system are actually FDA approved while others are not. While this is a huge benefit to the consumer knowing that some are actual registered medical devices we have feedback suggesting that the less expensive extenders are said to offer the same results as the most expensive ones. We always recommend buying extender products that are FDA registered but in this case we are on the fence. As a result we have created a list of the best extenders based on the price and user feedback from the last few months. Please take a moment and view the list of the best extenders here.