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Learn the Basics of male enhancement – What You Need to Know!

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If you are new to the penis enlargement and male enhancement world then you have parked your eyes at the right place. Start using the links on the left and take advantage of the information regarding the various types of male enhancement products available to the public without a prescription. That’s right all of the supplement products listed on this site do not require any sort of prescription. They are herbal supplements and not pharmaceuticals.

Herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, however they are focusing closely on some of the ingredients that can be found in various types of brands found on the internet today. For example they are watching closely the ingredient Yohimbe. Yohimbe is actually banned in 7 countries including Canada due to its serious side effects such as “head aches, nausea, dizziness and even can cause death. Yohimbe used to be one of the main ingredients in most male enhancement products when they first hit the market.

You will be happy to know that none of the products listed on this site contain Yohimbe. With that being said the ingredients that are in the top products have been chosen to help promote blood flow in your penis. This is the basis of penis enlargement. Increasing blood flow is the key so we ask that any person with hypertension consult your doctor before thinking about ordering any male enhancement pill from anywhere.

If you do suffer from Hypertension then penis extenders are for you. Most men think that they are rather expensive but this is your penis that we are talking about here. Penis extenders are also the only other method of penis enlargement besides surgery that has been recognized by the FDA. In fact penis extenders were initially created as “splints’ for your penis after surgery in order to keep it straight and safe. Further more they help with correcting peyronies disease which is curvature of the penis. It is only recently that they realized that the extenders can actually extend the penis size!

Recap: You can start with a 3-6 month supply of any supplement product on site. If you have any questions about the product then simply ask the manufacturer by visiting the official website by using the links on this site or by typing in the website of the official site in your address bar.