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The rules have changed for the male enhancement industry and thank Goodness!
It’s about time that the fake sites, outrageous claims and bogus products are slowly disappearing thanks to watch dogs like us who have been here since the beginning.

The facts behind the various male enhancement methods:

1. Do Penis Extenders Work? Scores of studies from disparate institutions studying urology and andrology consistently come to the same conclusions when conducting research into the use of a penis extender that they in fact work. Additionally, many doctors recommend the use of an extender for use after penile surgery to reduce the risk of penile retraction. The extenders listed on this site also carry a CE Certification while others are classified as Class 1 medical devices. Now it must be noted that you can not stretch your penis and expect to gain 3-5 inches of size in just a few short weeks. Stay away from any website that makes those sorts of claims. Penis extenders just like any other method of enhancement takes time and the results can vary from person to person. The same goes for review websites that speak negatively about extenders. They do so because they only care about  offering their 100% biased information toward selling their own pills.

2. Do Penis Pills Work? Well the answer is yes and no. Now let us clarify a few things regarding that statement about supplements. When we say ‘no’ we are referring to the fact that there are no officially run clinical government testing on herbal products. The reasons for the lack of testing is as follows:
The male enhancement industry is not a huge industry that involves players like Johnson & Johnson® or Monsanto® that can afford the funding for long term refutable clinical testing. The makers of the male enhancement supplements simply do not have the funds available to do these kinds of studies but more importantly they don’t have to because the industry is not regulated by the FDA. There are no requirements for these companies to do clinical trials and studies. Sure it would be in their best interest to conduct these tests and studies but these types of things cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now for the male enhancement industry this is a good thing and a bad thing. Good: It keeps prices lower as the costs of clinical studies and government interference are kept out of it. Bad: We can not provide definitive proof for the credibility of all of the products on the market or the safety of the ingredients used. Since nothing has officially been done to add proof to these claims regarding what male enhancement companies put forth to the public, we rely on personal opinions based on customer reviews who have tried the products.

The writers behind this website have always been of the mind that the penis enlargement supplements listed on this site do work since we have used these products and have had success with them. It must be noted however that some of the products that worked for one person may not have worked for another so results will vary as will any supplement. Also keep in mind that our opinion is based on many years of writing reviews on the numerous product websites and researching this industry in it’s entirety.

As we have already mentioned, there are many male enhancement companies on the net selling the world to whomever will listen like saying you can get a 11 inch penis in just days. The facts is that if it is too good to be true then it probably is! The general rule of thumb is that the products displaying that type of marketing do not actually work at all.

The goal of this website is to promote the products that we believe work based on our own research, opinions and the customer feedback that we have received over the years. We do this while keeping in line with all FDA / FTC requirements and as well as the new “California Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

In your quest for the perfect male enhancement product there are a few things to watch out for:

1. Counterfeit brands…Where there is money to be made there will be those who offer false products.
2. Claims that are too good to be true… 4″ inches in just weeks.
3. Guarantees that are shorter than 60 days. Guarantees should be 60-180 days.
4. Supplements that claim permanent results. Only extenders may provide permanent results.

You can narrow down your chances of being ripped off by doing a little critical thinking. Keep in mind that we have shown here that there is nothing to officially substantiate the credibility of any of the products in this industry other than the extenders, plain and simple. It comes down to personal opinion so that is what we will focus on in order to provide you with some justification for trusting these products.
We also pride ourselves on longevity as well. Companies that offer false hopes do not stick around very long, they come in, make their money by ripping people off and cash out fast. We have been around since the long before the days of Google and Yahoo. Remember Goto.com? Well… that’s where and when we started and one would think that you can’t stay in this business that long without providing a real service.

Final thoughts: Customer opinions are it as far as any credibility goes. None of the male enhancement supplements out there can prove they work other than making claims based on customer feedback.
So with this in mind please read the information contained in this site and decide for yourself which product is right for you.

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