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Who We Are & Why Trust Us?

  • Industry Leader for 20 Years!
  • Independant 100% Unbiased Reviews.
  • No Outside advertising.
  • We DO NOT OWN any of these products!
  • We have helped over 2 million readers make an informed decision.
  • We only list brands that are GMP Certified.
  • No misleading claims, no sales pitches, just the facts.
  • We expose the frauds and the biased review sites that sell them.
  • Industry Leading 180 Day Guarantees.
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How Did We Choose The Best Brands?

We have researched every possible male enhancement product and method known to mankind. We used to list over 50 products on this page but after years of reviewing brands and getting customer feedback on them we decided not to bother confusing people. Why list products that are sub-par? The bottom line is this; If a product is not listed on this site in the top 5 spots then we did not feel that it met our criteria of being a quality product.

We base our reviews on these 7 main factors:

  • Quality of Ingredients,
  • Enlargement Power,
  • Successful Results,
  • User Safety,
  • Customer Feedback,
  • Guarantee,
  • Overall Rating.

The price point of a product is also important. Quality ingredients cost money while fillers and useless ingredients cost nothing. For those on a budget you will be happy to know that all of the top brands listed on this site offer “multi-pack” options which can save you up to 55% off the suggested retail price when purchasing more than one bottle at a time. Each company offers 100% discreet billing and fast shipping on ALL orders.
We also take into account the reputation of the company who makes the product, the Popularity, Reorder Rates, and Product Safety including all possible side effects. We searched the internet and found the products presented here to have the best over customer satisfaction based on what we read with respect to customer reviews and comments across the web.
You can now make an informed decision after reviewing all of the information presented on this site and buy the product that suits you the best. The programs and products that we list that are backed by a 100% guarantee from the supplier.

If we have missed a product on our list then please feel free to let us know. If you feel that a specific product should be ranked higher than where we have placed it then tell us your story and we can kindly review the product again.

We recommend purchasing a 3 or 6 month supply at the minimum of any one of the male enhancement products that you choose so that you can fully take advantage of the 6 month money back guarantees. This way your purchase is covered and you can give the product ample time to see if you can get the desired results.

The Rating System – What Are Biased Reviews & What Is The Truth?

The top 5 Penis Pill brands highlighted on this page are the ONLY pills that we recommend. We do not recommend any other brands that may be found elsewhere for a variety of legitimate reasons and here’s why:

1. We DO NOT OWN any of the male enhancement products we list on this review site! 99% of review sites found online actually OWN the products that they list which makes their so-called penis enlargement review sites 100% BIASED. But, just don’t take our word for it. If you happen to visit one of those sites simply read the small fine print found at the TOP or bottom of the website. You will see something like this: “This website distributes these pills and the reviews are compensated”. This means that they OWN the brands that they are listing and they are giving you 100% biased information about the pills listed.
2. We DO NOT LIST products based on Affiliate Commissions. New male enhancement companies use affiliate programs in order to attract new business in this competitive market. Some of these companies hand out 50-60% of your hard earned money in commissions if a review site brings them a sale. Think about that for a second, if over half of the sale goes to the review site then just think about what effect this has on the quality of the product you just purchased or the marketing behind that product? Cheap ingredients makes for a cheap product. Hyped up marketing leads to lies and fraud. You will be happy to know that the top products found on this site don’t even have affiliate programs!

3. 100% Money Back Guarantees. Sure it is easy to offer a money back guarantee but if or when it may come time to claim it will the company make you jump through hoops to get your money back?
4 of the top products on this site offer and honor the longest money back guarantees in the industry at a full 180 days! That’s 6 Full Months! Don’t settle for anything less than a 180 day money back guarantee.


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