Penis Enlargement Surgery

Should you risk going under the knife?

Male Enhancement surgery is a tricky subject to tackle. Should you go under the knife or shouldn’t you? There are thousands of men who have gone through with surgery only to find a great success depending on which doctor they chose but there are also thousands of men over the years who haven’t made out so well in the end. We consider surgery a 50-50 shot at having a successful outcome.

The FDA considers surgery as the only true option that can make your penis larger. While it does make your penis larger it definitely makes your wallet smaller and much much lighter too. At an average cost of about $7000 penis enlargement surgery is not a cheap option and not affordable for most men.
We suggest that if you are considering penis enlargement surgery then think again and perhaps try a penis extender or even start with a few months supply of penis pills. This way you can only spend a couple hundred instead of a couple thousand. We feel that you will get the best results over time with the use of an extender device. You can learn more about penis pills or penis extenders by using those links on the left of this page.

We will be posting more information about the statistics about penis enlargement surgeries in the coming weeks after we speak with more and more Doctors.