We have compiled a short Q and A list of the top questions asked daily by our readers over the years. If you cannot find an answer to any question that you may have about male enhancement or penis enlargement products then please use the live chat system on this website or email us and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Q?Can You Trust Just Any Review Site?

No! 99% of them own the brands they list!!
If you see a brand listed on another review site that is not listed here then we can guarantee that the product itself is owned by the review site!! That means the reviews about the product are completely biased and bogus. There are very few products that meet our strict guidelines for successful male enhancement and if the product isn’t listed on our site then we can safely say that the product does not work as advertised.
Our product reviews are based on real user feedback from clients who have used these products for years. We are not a re-seller or wholesaler and only provide links directly to the official brand website and shopping cart system so you can buy direct from the manufacturer.

Q?Which Brands Can I Trust?

We suggest that you trust the brands that have been online for many years and not just months or weeks! Brands like EnhanceRx and ZyGain have all been in business for over 9 years. The companies behind the brands ActiGain and VigRx Plus have been online for almost 12 years and have a huge customer base of repeat customers.

There are way too many penis pill brands on the web that promise the world and yet are brand new and untested. Sure they may claim that they have been clinically tested and have thousands of clients but in truth it is all just a marketing scam.

The average lifespan of a “scam” brand seems to be about 2-3 months. Most of the scams brands are long gone before you even have a chance to open the bottle and use the product! The products listed on this site and the companies behind them are here to stay.
View our list of the best pills here. *Please note that results do vary.

Q?What is the Best Guarantee?

180 Days is the best guarantee in the industry. Don’t buy a product with anything less that a 180 day guarantee. We found that products that offer a 90 day money back guarantee actually only allow you to open one bottle in order to qualify. Male enhancement takes times so anything less than being able to try the product for a few months is quite frankly useless. So don’t settle for anything less than 180 days!
There are quite a few brands that also charge a 20% restocking fee when trying to claim a refund which is crazy to say the least.

Q?How Do Male Enhancement PIlls Work?

The ingredients used in male enhancement supplements stimulate blood flow and help increase the capacity of blood flow into the chambers of your penis. When you get an erection these chambers which are now bigger, can fill up with more blood. This process helps the erection become larger and give you fuller and stronger erections. The physical stretching of the penis from either penis exercises or the use of an extender device has been shown to help with this process even further. *Please note that results do vary.

Q?Do Penis Pills Give Permanent Results?

NO. However the best way to try to achieve results that may last longer is by combining male enhancement supplements with a penis exercise or stretching routine which can help stretch and enlarge the chambers in your penis further. Herbal ingredients are not designed to reside permanently in your system. Supplements combined with an exercise regimen may help you achieve results which may last longer if you stretch and enlarge the chambers in your penis further. You can always try a penis extender device as they are FDA approved and can be used for penis enhancement as well as curvature correction. *Please note that results do vary.

Q?Can I Get A Bigger Erection?

There are many products on the internet that claim size increases of up to 40% in just days. This is impossible. Unfortunately this is just a marketing gimmick. There is no mathematical formula that you can use to gauge how much bigger your erection may get. Every man’s body reacts differently to the ingredients used even in the best male enhancement supplements on the market.
Results will vary for each individual. The feedback that we have received from a few of our readers suggest that the best results may have been achieved after using these products for more than just a month. One month packages are considered to be more of a starter pack and the results that may be gained, if any, in that time frame have definitely varied from client to client.

Q?What Scams Should I Avoid?

There are many different scams on the Internet in the male enhancement industry.

1. Free Trial Scams.
Stay away from any product that offers free trials. The sole purpose of offering free trials is not to let men sample the product! It is designed to get the customers credit card information and blind side them with fine print that no one reads.  The fine print usually states that you have agreed to be locked into a subscription system of which you can not get out of without great difficulty. The price you now agree to pay is usually twice as much as it would be if you just bought the product at the regular price. Also the minute you sign up or accept a free trial you can basically count on getting billed for about 3-4 months worth of product within 24 hours even if the free trial is 7 days!

2. New products.
This may seem like a strange thing to call a “scam” but unfortunately it is the biggest scam going in the industry these days. New fly-by-night products are popping up everyday on the internet. They spam the search engines, promise 5″ in days, market their product for half the price of the best reputable brands and close up shop within days or sometimes months long before the FTC or FDA catches up with them.
The average lifespan of a “scam” brand seems to be about 2-3 months. This is very important point because if the company is long gone before you even have a chance to open the bottle and use the product for a fair amount of time then that is a sure sign of fraud.
Also beware of companies that constantly change the name of their product. Scammers change the names in order to once again escape the complaints made by their clients. Stick with brands that have been online for over 5 years like the best products listed on this site.

3. Review Site Scams.
Just like the penis pills themselves, a new review site pops up on the internet everyday. While a few of them can be trusted as honest, unbiased 3rd party reviews, the majority are nothing more than fronts for the actual brand owner themselves.
The worst ones out there are the porn star endorsed websites. Stay clear of any review site claimed to be owned, operated or endorsed by porn stars. Unfortunately the brands they list are full of misleading claims which are enough to make your head spin.
They slam the competition in an attempt to steer unknowing clients to their own brands favored highly on the same pages. Stay clear of review sites that seem too good to be true.

*Please note that results do vary.

Q?Are There Any Side Effects?

These products are designed to increase blood flow in your body, specifically your penis. If you have any history of blood pressure related issues in your family then it is not recommended to take any male enhancement pill of any kind. Do not trust any website or company that sells male enhancement supplements who make claims that their supplements have no side effects and are 100% safe just because they contain all natural herbal ingredients. *Please note that results do vary.

Q?How Long Does It Take To See Results?

As with any herbal product results can take time because the products are herbal products and not pharmaceuticals or drugs. You will not increase your erection by 5″  in 1 week! If you come across a product making claims like that they run the other way as they are obviously lying to you in order to make a sale.
Remember to combine the supplements with the use of a penis exercise Ebook like the one offered with the EnhanceRx™ or VigRxPlus. You can even try a penis extender where you may get the enhancement you are looking for much faster than by just taking the pills on their own.
Always note the guarantee policy when purchasing a male enhancement product. We suggest that you purchase brands that carry a 180 day (6 month guarantee) as this gives you ample time to see if the product will work for you. *Results vary with each person.


Q?What is the Best Male Enhancement Brand?

We have been researching male enhancement products since 2003. We have watched hundreds of products come and go over the years. The best brand that we have come across is EnhanceRx which has remained in the top five for over 6 years. They still offer the best guarantee in the industry which stands at a full 180 days which lets you fully evaluate the product. This is huge when compared to their competitors who only offer 60-90 day guarantees. EnhanceRx has an entire line of male enhancement products for each of the different methods available on the market. Pills, Patches, or Extenders, the choice is yours.
Take a moment to read our user reviews for the EnhanceRx products or visit their official website at EnhanceRx.com *Please note that results do vary.