Review Site Scams

Here are a few tips so that you can be well equipped to be able to figure out if a review site is a fraud or not.

Classic examples of a Review Site Scam :

1. The prices are cheap. While some readers may consider this a great thing this throws up a a huge red flag in the male enhancement industry. We understand what it takes and what it costs to create a great product. High quality ingredients cost money. Fillers and low grade ingredients cost nothing to manufacturer and as a result that is why you will find the brands they list being sold at very low prices.  Generally any product sold as a single bottle or single month supply with less than a “4” in front of the price is most likely a scam. This goes for any product sold from $19.95- $35.00 a bottle. We know because we have been reviewing products since 2003 and have seen our fair share of fly-by-night scams.

2. The review site actually owns most if not all of the brands listed on the site. The dead give away for this scam is that they list a product that you have never heard of before as the best and claim that there is nothing better on the market and the product they list in the #2 spot (unless they own that too) is useless compared to the #1 product.  We have uncovered that a few of the brands listed are just a ripped-off brand name based on product(s) that previously ranked high and still rank high on our network called VigRx Plus™. They do this is order to capitalize on brand name recognition and try to confuse the consumer into thinking that it must be the same product.

3. They claim that the product they rank as the best contains ingredients only available to them and that it is a patented process or ingredient that no one else has and is the key to male enhancement results. This is quite frankly silly to say the least. Any certified and FDA approved manufacturing facility can get their hands on any legal ingredient on the market and add it to the products ingredient if it was proven to work.

4. There are NO company details and NO company background information. Why would there be? This is a scam after all.

5. Any guarantee that is less than 180 days. When it comes time to ask for a refund because the product they sold you doesn’t work as they advertise you will find that there is no way to collect your money or they make you jump through hoops to get it. Always read the fine print.  Most guarantees posted on the bogus product and review sites state that it is Only good for one used bottle and all unused bottles in resalable condition. This means that you better not use more than one bottle in order to get your money back.

5. Zero side effects? The product website and manufacturer is breaking the law when they claim that there are “Zero” side effects when using this product. We are sure that the FTC will be knocking on their door soon enough. While herbal products are generally regarded as safe, some of the key ingredients in male enhancement product can increase blood flow and lower /raise your blood pressure.

6. Cookie Cutter Scam. We call the fake review websites that look like ours “Cookie Cutter Scams”. The scam artists basically copy the layouts of our real product review sites but have gone ahead and switched out the real industry rated best products with brands that they actually own.  Most even copy our website description and text displayed on Google.

Stay away from these types of sites and you will do just fine.