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These are hardly the times to pay for something that does not work!

Welcome to our premiere male enhancement information portal where we expose the truth about some of the products advertised in the male enhancement industry and educate the consumer about which products are the best and which ones should be avoided.
This particular page was created on request of our readers as a means to protect you from the fly-by-night fake review sites and new bogus products that pop up on the search engines daily.

We have been reviewing male enhancement products since 2003 so we know a thing or two about this industry. We created the first male enhancement research and product review site on the internet called in March of 2003 and we are proud to be considered by our readers as the most trusted male enhancement portal in the world for over a decade. We have helped over a million men choose the right product or method of male enhancement. Yes that’s right… over a million!

Please take a moment to read the information below so that you too can be informed when deciding which brand is right for you.

Avoid Fake Review Sites.

During the course of the last few months there have been several new (as in brand new) fake review sites that have popped up on the search engines.

Unfortunately each one has copied the tag lines, layout and look of this website but have removed the industry leading brands and replaced them with their own products, products that they own and manufacturer themselves. Products that you will not find anywhere else because they are quite frankly “bogus” and of course the information and reviews they have made up about the products is 100% biased and fake. It is sites like those and others which give the industry a bad name with slogans like… “Gain 5 inches in 5 days” , “Get Instant Results” or “Cure ED”, “Don’t Buy Until You See This” the list goes on an on.

There is a review site called that claims that VirilX is the best product on the market but unfortunately the truth is that it isn’t and the review site actually owns the brand.

Another review site we found claims that Extagen is the best product on the market. We beg to differ because the main ingredient in the product called Yohimbe is considered unsafe by the FDA since 1997. Do not use or try any product that contains Yohimbe no matter what the website says. Simple as that. The only websites that list Extagen are actually owned by the makers of the product so the information and reviews are 100% biased.

Top 7 Products You Should Avoid.

There are numerous products that you should avoid and we are serious when we say stay away from any product that we did not give a favorable review or even mention at all. Your health may depend on it. Here are 7 brands in particular that our readers have told us to warn you about:

SizeVitrexx, VirilX, MaleUltaCore, Progentra, Rexazyte, SizeGenix, and NeoSize.

We do not recommend them or the bogus review sites that list them based on several factors:
1. They make outrageous and /or false claims about what their product can do.
2. They offer 100% Biased or Misleading Advice about which brand is best.
3. The Ingredients used in the product are subpar or can be downright dangerous.
4. The “90 day guarantees” are NOT what they seem once you read the fine print.
5. Some of the products contain Yohimbe. Yohimbe is NOT a safe ingredient. Stay Clear!!

Viril-X can only be found listed on the review site that owns the brand called The website is very deceiving and misleading in its claims about what the product can do for one’s testosterone levels which is not scientifically proven. They also list brands that are known to be harmful which contain yohimbe. They do this in hopes that you will make a fast decision and buy their brand (Viril-X) over the others.

Another three brands to stay clear from are Zytenz / ViagenXl: (identical products – different names)  and Vigorexin. The only place where you will find these three products listed in a positive light is on the 100% biased review sites that are actually owned by the manufacturer like The company behind those brands has created quite a few fake review sites these days. All of them of course list Zytenz and Vigorexin as the best brands, but it gets worse. The same company also owns every other product listed on the their review sites. Yes that is right, after a little digging it appears that they manufacture and/or own everything listed in the top spots. They really don’t care what you buy as long as it is something that they make. There is a reason why they offer “combo packs” or “best seller packs” because each “brand” comes from the same manufacturer.

Another issue that we have with Zytenz / ViagenXL and Vigorexin is that they use misleading and fraudulent claims in their marketing in the hopes that they can sway people away from buying the other more reputable brands. A few of the websites that promote the brand claim that the product can help cure ED (erectile dysfunction) which is impossible based on the ingredients used. We have also noticed that the product is missing the key ingredients required in order to promote quality male enhancement. Not surprisingly, we have heard feedback from our readers that the product does not work as advertised.  Cheap prices usually equate to cheap ingredients. Save your money and don’t fall for the bogus hype. Here are just two of the many negative customer comments we have received:

Rating:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) …I bought six bottles of Zytenz ,(90) capsules in each bottle and took per directions for 30 days with no help. When I called for the “GUARANTEED” “MONEY BACK” offer I was told they could send me something that would work, which was OxyErect Pro which didn’t work either. When I asked for my initial $144.90 back I was told the 90 day guarantee had expired on the original Zytenz order. What kind of business is this???? JUST ANOTHER SCAM!!! DON’T BUY THIS SHIT!!

David. KY
Rating:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) … I purchased 2 bottles of Zytenz after reading the reviews found on “”. After using the product for 2 months I didn’t get any results whatsoever. I went to return the product well within the 90 days and they told me that since I opened both bottles I didn’t qualify. The fine print says that you are only allowed to open bottle in 90 days in order to get your money back. Who reads the fine print?  Ripped off and not impressed.

Porn Star Endorsed Products: If you want to increase your odds at getting ripped off then go buy one of the products found on the various “porn star endorsed” fake review sites around the web or linked to from adult porn sites. Constant product name changing, misleading and fraudulent claims and bogus testimonials are what the porn star endorsed websites seem to be all about.
Sure, they try and sound legitimate by using big words like “vaso expansion technology” and employ marketing tactics which claim to be “backed by this patent” or “created by that doctor” but upon closer examination it is all overly exaggerated and bogus and false.
We have uncovered the fact that the doctors listed as the “creators or backers” of the websites and products do not even know that their names are being used to “promote” the products in question at all! The so-called “Doctor to the stars” backing 6 different brands in 6 months??….strange.
Their top ranked products’ name changes every 2-3 months. We assume this is because it must be in their best interest to try to “disappear” just before customers come calling for their money back or when enough complaints make their way up the search results.
These guys quickly come up with a new name variation and then rinse and repeat the scam. It is quite amazing when all of a sudden the websites claim that porn stars have been using this “new underground brand” for years when the brand itself is only hours old.

John. UT
Rating:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) …I was ripped off big time after being duped into buying from the fake review site claimed to be run by a “sex pill guru” (an old porn star). I exposed the truth about the website in my sex health blog and the next thing I knew I was being sued because I used the porn stars name on my website which as it turns out was trademarked. Very smart way to keep the scam alive; Trademark the name and use the name in the website’s URL so no one can expose the truth.

Fake Doctor Sites: (Review websites with word “Doctor” or “Doc” in the name) The same manufacturer of the products sold on the porn star site(s) just mentioned also operate another website that used to use an ex CNN anchor as the endorser. We contacted the anchorman and while he was paid to make the short video for “a client” he had no idea that his name was going to be used to sling such garbage.

The brands Vasoplexx, Envigor8 and Vigorus are also owned by the 100% biased review sites that lists them called, and now which is a complete duplicate of The review sites say that they have been experts for 15 years yet the website and its registration is fairly brand new within the last year! The name inchesinweeks is also a sure sign that they are scamming you since it is impossible to gain “inches in weeks”. The website itself is a knock off and mixture of all of the other websites listed at the top of the search engines. They have stolen almost everything from this website and others, including parts of the layout, text, graphics and ranking system.
They also claim that Vasoplexx has been used for years by leading adult stars and almost 1 million men HOWEVER the brand is only a year old. The same goes for Envigor8.  Interesting claims indeed.
The products websites were only created and registered in November 2015 so we can safely assume that everything claimed on the so-called official websites for the brands is also 100% bogus. They mention clinical trials and approved by a doctor but there is no proof of any clinical trials listed nor any doctors names listed. They claim that they offer a 100% 90 day money back guarantee but after looking closely at the fine print you can ONLY open one bottle (30 day supply) in order to qualify. Scam!

Jake D. NY
Rating:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) …I almost purchased the product “Vigorus” by mistake because I confused the name Vigorus with VigRx. Vigorus clearly did not have any of the quality ingredients that you mention which are required to help promote real male enhancement so I knew right away that something was off. Thank you for exposing these guys before I lost my money!


Viarexin, and Viatropin are other brands which are also all owned by the 100% biased review site that list them called which in itself is bogus to say the leastStay clear of that review site and any products that it promotes. The products themselves do not even have their own official web pages outside of the review site which is the first sign of a fly-by-night scam. They also require that you hand over personal information like your name and email before you are even allowed to see the so-called “discount” price sheet for one of the products listed on the site. The names are also knock-offs of other bogus brands like Ziatropin and Vigorexin. BUYER BEWARE.


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