Male Enhancement Buying Guide

Start With The Facts – Before You Buy!

  • Beware of Biased & Fake Review Sites! 99% own the brands they list which means that their reviews are 100% biased and completely bogus! For example the manufacturer of the brand “VirilX” created it’s OWN review site called which of course claims that it is the best on the market – what a scam! They have also gone so far as to copy a lot of the text from this site. Please note that we do not own or sell any of the products listed on this site. We only provide links to the official products shopping cart systems.
  • Stay Away From Any Porn Star Endorsed Review site! The review sites they have created are completely bogus and claims made about what their own products can do are quite frankly impossible. They also OWN the products they list like RexaZyte and SizeGenix. Furthermore, the product sites themselves are so outrageously fraudulent that the FTC and FDA are investigating. Unfortunately they have been ripping off people for years.
  • Stay Away From Any Fake Doctor Review Site. The same scammers who operate the bogus review site “R Jeremy Reviews” also operate the fake review site called “” as well as a few others. It seems they have fired it back up online and consumers should be aware that is yet another scam site brought to you by the maker of the products SizeVitrexx, SizeVital, Rexazyte and SizeGenix just to name a few.
  • Do Not Fall for the Free Trial Scam. Free trials are nothing more than a ploy to get your credit card details so they can eventually over bill you without your consent. They also get your email and house address so they can bombard and harass you for eternity.
  • Not All Penis Pill Brands Work! Brands like Zytenz, Vigorus, Neosize, and Progentra promise to change your life but our readers tell us that they do nothing but drain your wallet. Some are even downright dangerous. As expected upon closer examination, once again the only “sites” that say they work are owned by the manufacturer of the brands!
  • What is the Best Money Back Guarantee? Don’t settle for anything less than 180 days! Beware of brands that claim to offer a 90 day guarantee but when you read the fine print it is ONLY valid if ALL of the bottles are sealed!!! You need at least 2-3 months to fully evaluate any product so beware of the fine print.
  • Stay clear of unsafe ingredients like “Yohimbe”.  There are many unsafe products on the market that “secretly” contain Yohimbe as it’s main ingredient. The FDA placed Yohimbe on the unsafe herbs list in 1997 because it can seriously harm you and can even cause death! You will be happy to know that none of our top rated products contain Yohimbe.

We are here to protect you so you can have confidence knowing that you are investing in the right brand that suits your budget and your lifestyle.