The Marketing Behind The Pills

Why does almost every review site list different products?

We receive this question throughout our network on a daily basis. In 2003 the answer used to be simple; because there were hundreds of different pills on the market and every review site had its own opinion about which product they felt worked best. In late 2004 affiliate programs came into play and unscrupulous webmasters decided to list only the products that gave them the most money in commissions. This happened across all industries and not just male enhancement products. As a result of this greed, by early 2007 about 96% of all male enhancement review sites ended up listing identical products because they would only list the brands that paid the most for a favorable review. The search engine results became stagnant and a change was needed.

In early 2011 Google decided that enough was enough and forced advertisers to change the way they marketed their products and changed the way they were allowed to operate on the worlds largest search engine. The plan was to remove all websites that were nothing more than single bridge or doorway pages (affiliate operated websites) that were created solely as a ploy to try and sway consumers into buying the highest paying brands.

The result of this change was great for legitimate review sites like this one but a new problem has since emerged. The search engines are now flooded with fly by night webmasters mocking up fake review sites, creating and listing their own bogus products, and throwing them up overnight at rock bottom prices. They promise the world with their outrageous claims and fake lab reports all the while pretending to offer money back guarantees. What really happens is that the operators of the websites take your cash and disappear just days later. Unfortunately for the unknowing consumer a lot of these websites last longer than a few days because it takes a while for the search engines like Google to get around to removing them.