Beware of Biased Review Sites

We are the creators of the first Male Enhancement Information Site on the Internet in 2003 and we are still the only user based ratings site that offers 100% UNBIASED Reviews of the industry leading male enhancement products on the market.

Unlike the other review sites on the internet we do not own any of the products that are listed in our rankings. We have watched our fair share of fake or “manufacturer owned” review sites come and go trying to scam trusting consumers out of their hard earned cash with their 100% biased reviews. We have remained #1 for 16 years by our readers as the most trusted source of information relating to the male enhancement industry and male enhancement market. That is a fact that we are very proud of.

Within the last few months the search engines have been flooded with countless fly by night manufacturers mocking up fake review sites, creating and listing their own bogus products, and scamming hundreds of trusting readers out of their hard earned money.

The scam artists promise the world with their outrageous claims. Beware of the following scams and cons:
1. Websites that pay porn stars to endorse their bogus reviews and products who themselves have never used the product.
2. Websites that pretend to offer lab reports that slam competitors products but after careful research the labs DO NOT even exist.
3. Websites that use fake doctors names or retired doctors who themselves are criminals. After we have exposed the truth about these fake doctors the websites now go to the extent of using real doctors names to fraudulently endorse their products without the doctor’s consent.
4. Products that claim to offer money back guarantees but when the time comes to honor it the websites have already vanished with your cash and disappeared.

Unfortunately a lot of these websites remain on the search engines for weeks at a time scamming people because it takes a while now for the search engines like Google and Yahoo to get around to removing them. The snail pace of the FDA and the FTC doesn’t help remove these con artists any faster either.

We will be listing the biased review sites shortly so until then buyer beware!