Beware: Prolongz Male Enhancement Strips

Prolongz. Oral Strips.

Prolongz is brand new on the market and takes a different approach to the more optimal male enhancement methods such as pills or an extender.
The product consists of an oral strip which dissolves on your tongue in 20 seconds. This type of oral delivery method has been used for years for other products like those used as a cover up for bad breath.
The product only has two ingredients (Damiana and Ginseng) which leaves us puzzled considering that it is missing the key ingredients like l-arginine and Tribulus Terrestris which are needed in order to satisfy the claims that the website makes with respect to real male enhancement.

The manufacturer claims that the product is FDA Registered which does not seem to be accurate. We contacted the FDA and they told us that they do not know of nor have heard about this brand before. If this is how their marketing campaign is going to start with misleading claims like these then we wonder how it will finish.

Aside from all of the vague misinformation found on the products’ website we also reviewed the order page and shopping cart system’s fine print.
The company offers a 15 day trial of the product for $4.95 plus the optional shipping charge of $9.95.
HOWEVER as expected when you read the fine print by ordering the free trial you are locked into a monthly charge of $89.95 for the first month and then billed $69.95 each month thereafter. 

Please stay away from any product that offers a free trial.

As you can see nothing is really free. Especially when you get locked into paying over $110 for a one month supply for a product that only contains two ingredients!